Venus Freeze anti-ageing and cellulite Treatments.

Step by Step Guide to Venus Freeze Facial:

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Last week, I was at the House of Rush, Piccadilly to try out the new Venus Freeze Facial which is part of Venus Freeze – a new anti-ageing and cellulite treatment on the beauty market. Venus Freeze treatments promise to reduce wrinkles and smoothen out lines, reduce cellulite and help users lose a few inches through body contouring.

Unlike some anti-ageing treatments, the Venus Freeze is non-invasive and pain free, salon based and promises some visible results after the first treatment but to gain the full benefits of the treatments, you’ll have to stick with it for at least eight sessions – once or twice a week and then have a maintenance session at least once a month.

So far, Venus Freeze’s popularity is growing in beauty circles with its Venus Freeze facial a big hit with celebrities like Yasmin Le Bon and Lisa Snowdon so I was more than happy to try the Venus Freeze facial and tell you all about it.

How Venus Freeze Works:

Venus Freeze combines Pulse Magnetic Fields (MP2) and Radio Frequency (RF) to raise the temperature of the skin. This causes controlled thermal damage which stimulated the skin to repair itself.

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Step by step guide to Venus Freeze Facial:

  1. After a quick refreshing drink, Nicole – the expert administering the treatment uses a cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and then a hot towel to open the pores.
  2. She then applies a layer of glycerine on my face to help the Venus Freeze hand piece glide easily over the facial muscles. (Glycerine because it doesn’t get under the skin and so doesn’t need to be reapplied)
  3. Nicole starts to glide the Venus Freeze hand piece on my facial skin in sections with figure eight movements. The hand piece warms up as it is used, but she continues to check the heat levels with a thermostat as the machine needs to reach a certain temperature for it to trigger skin repair.
  4. Nicole continues to glide the machine over the face for 45 minutes, the machine did get very hot at point and I had to ask her to reduce the heat it but overall it was comfortable and pain free and also very relaxing.
  5. After 45 minutes of gliding, she wipes off the glycerine with a hot towel.
  6. She then uses a cleanser and cotton wool to wipe off any excess.
  7. Finally, she moisturises the face to finish off.


The treatment was relaxing- I was half asleep when she was done. My face was radiant – glowing in fact. (I left without reapplying my make-up)

I don’t have any facial wrinkles but the machine obviously stimulated the collagen in the skin because my face was plumper and my cheek bones were more defined.

I was very pleased with the end results and will definitely recommend it as an anti-ageing treatment or as a facial for glowing and youthful skin.

House of Rush also offers other Venus Freeze treatments such circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, body contouring and skin tightening. For more information, visit

Address: The House Of Rush. 200 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HU. Tel: 020 3642 5784

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