A Greener 2017 starts with Ecover Limited Edition Washing-up Liquid Bottle

Happy New Year guys! This year, one of the things I look to improve on is being greener, and more environmentally friendly so I thought this is the perfect post to start the year.

Late last year, Ecover launched a limited edition washing-up liquid bottle as part of its on-going commitment to the health of the ocean and people.

The limited edition washing-up liquid bottle which is available at all Waitrose stores worldwide is made from reclaimed ocean plastic – highlighting potential threat of toxic waste on both sea life and our own health.

Especially since research has shown that fish in the middle depths of the northern Pacific Ocean are ingesting up to 24,000 tons of plastic each year and that’s not good whichever way you look at it, so a change is needed.

The limited edition washing-up liquid bottle is made from fully recycled plastic – 10% gathered from ocean plastic and a unique design which requires 15% less plastic than usual.

Not only does the reduction of plastic waste in the ocean make for healthier, happier fish and sea mammals, it also reduces the levels of micro-plastics found in food, drink and other products.

I have started using mine, and with 90,000 bottles sold in the past two years, I hope you guys will grab yours for just £2 so together we can help improve our environment.

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