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Body Reset Diaries: Day 12

Day 12 of Body Reset Diet:

It’s surprising how much confidence a little weight loss can give especially when people start noticing.
I spent the entire day beating myself up about not being strong enough to resist nuts of any kind. Again today, I started the day with a handful of nuts, and it carried on till dinner time when I had a berry smoothie for dinner.

I wondered whether it was time to restart phase 1 gain but I guess I had nothing to worry about because at a work event, people seem to notice I’d lost a few pounds and their complements on how good I looked was a confidence booster, not just because I haven’t screwed up the diet entirely but also confidence to carry on and finish strong with just three days to go.

A few years ago I remember trying the Atkins diet and having to restart it three times because I kept falling off the wagon by eating a piece of toast halfway through phase 1, thank God the Body Reset Diet isn’t like that. I love the flexibility, imagine having to go back to phase one because I ate a few nuts – that would have crushed my enthusiasm.

Day 12 Meal:

Dinner: Ruby Red Frostie – 270 kcal

red smoothie

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