Body Reset Diaries: Day 9

Day 9 of Body Reset Diet:

Day 9 has been smooth sailing, and tomorrow ends phase two of the Body Rest Diet. I won’t weigh myself until the end of day 10 but I’m really starting to see a difference and so is everyone around me.

Personally, my clothes fit better, my thighs and arms are more defined and toned and the constant niggles of pain I used to feel thanks to long periods of sitting seem to have disappeared. I feel great physically which is a real bonus.

Those of you who have followed the Body Reset Diaries since day one will notice that sometimes I stick to the recommended physical activity in the book but for larger parts do what I am comfortable with.

I get bored really easy so I never do the same exercise more than once in a week. For example, I do 30 minute workouts daily but they are different and I mix them up.
Sometimes, it’s 10min kettlebell cardio, then a 10 boxercise or dance workout, then a resistance based workout to finish off. I also do 20min yoga fitness, three times a week because I like the fact that it lengthens and stretches the body and has helped a lot with joint and back pain I’ve had for a long time.

After the first 15days of resetting your metabolism, it is up to you to take the principles of the diet and mould it to fit your lifestyle so there’s continuous weight loss. Whether you want to continue taking 10,000 steps, go to the gym, workout at home to workout DVDS OR replace one or two smoothies and one solid meal for dinner – it is up to you, you know the basis so use it to make the diet work for you.

Day 9 Meals

Breakfast: Apple Pie Smoothie – 325kcals

Apple pie smoothie

Lunch: Very Berry Smoothie – 275kcals

plum ginger

Dinner: Scrambled eggs stir fry with chilli sauce.

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