Review: Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread

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I did a skip and a dance when I received my Dr Zak’s high protein bread through the post a few days ago. I had very high expectations for this bread because high protein means less carbs thus eliminating worries about putting on weight, right? Hold on to that thought.

As I took it out of its delivery box, it was heavier than any protein bread I’ve ever had and heavier than regular bread too. (It weighs 850 grams – about three times heavier than white bread)

I however did a double take when I read the label for the calorie details and it said 301.9kcal per two slices. I thought it was a mistake so I naturally run off  to Google search only to discover my eyes weren’t deceiving me.
Unless you are an athlete consuming about 7-8,000 calories a day, I don’t see how this bread can be a regular staple of someone looking to maintain weight loss.

Facts of Dr Zak’s high protein bread

– It contains seven times as much protein as normal bread and the carb count is 3g lower per slice.
-There’s 15 grams of wheat and pea protein in every slice – regular bread contains around 2g of protein.
-The bread is high in Omega 3s so it keeps you fuller for longer.
– It has 13.9g carbs per slice; regular bread has around 16g.

Taste test

-The slices are surprisingly thick which was great to see – I’ve tasted normal and low cal bread that come apart when used to create a sandwich or toasted.
-The bread contains nuts which gives it a nice flavour.
-It’s quite filling and I didn’t feel any hunger pangs for about 3-4 hours.

Final Thoughts:

  • This protein bread is not something you’ll want to use as a snack especially if you are counting calories as two slices is more less the equivalent of a full meal.
  • Priced at £4.49 a loaf, Dr Zak’s high protein bread is a bit on a steep side but let’s face, it being on protein diet is not cheap and if it’s the lifestyle you have chosen, you will have no problem with the price.
  • Considering it is high in protein, keep it frozen for a fresher taste.

Dr Zak’s high protein bread is available at or for £4.49.

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