Review: Saint Premium Lager

New low carb British Lager with no sugar.

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I recently came across a new low carb, no sugar larger on the market called Saint. I know I sometimes go on a bit about beers having recently written about the 0 calorie, beer flavoured drink Equator that foamed and tasted like actual beer, but there really are times when only a nice chilled beer will do and I think a low carb, low calorie option is important for those watching their caloric intake but also want to enjoy themselves and the more options there are, the better!

Back to Saint, it hasn’t hit supermarkets yet but should do in the next couple of weeks so we don’t have to wait long.

Saint is not pasteurised which means it contains less gas than its competitors. It also has very low carbohydrate content with less than 1g carb per 100mls which means it is lower in calories than other premium lagers. Saints contain less than 170kcals per pint.

At first taste, it was deliciously refreshing especially in current weather. Perhaps there’s a little added pleasure of drinking beer without having to worry about calories or carbs.

It’s like any other premium larger out there and the fact that it has no sugar and low in carbs doesn’t seem to have impacted the taste which is great.

I enjoyed it, and it certainly gives health conscious people more options when it comes to alcoholic drinks. Have you tried Saint? Let me know what you think.

Price starts from £4.

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