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High Protein brand Dr. Zak’s, has launched four exciting new flavours in the Dr Zak’s High Protein Peanut Butter range – Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Orange, Banoffee and an Original version in both Smooth and Crunchy varieties.

As with the first butters launched last year, each of the new flavours contains next generation whey protein isolate, which means it’s easier and faster for the body to absorb the 35g of protein each 100g of the nut butters contain.

All the butters also now come infused with shea and coconut oil, which means it has well documented health benefits, and avoids using palm oil.

Also, all the butters now use inulin fibre (chicory root) as featured in BBC’s ‘How to Stay Young, which discussed the emerging research of how Inulin may help break down visceral fat and could help with a number of health conditions.

In addition, inulin helps reduce carbohydrates, increases fibre and acts as a pre-biotic.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Dr. Zak’s High Protein Peanut Butter www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Dr. Zak’s High Protein Peanut Butter

As a peanut butter addict, it’s great to have so many flavours to choose from and to know it has more health benefits than normal peanut butter. I got my hands on 2 flavours – Sweet Banoffee  Pie and Chocolate Fudge Brownie to try, and I’m loving it so far.

It is smooth, doesn’t taste artificial at all and is great on toast or if you’re like me, it’s awesome to just snack on on its own. It’s quite filling.

It’s also great for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and work out,  as it’s high in protein and aids in lean muscle build up and repair.

Other flavours in the range include Salted Caramel, Cherry Bakewell and Apple and Cinnamon.

Dr. Zak’s High Protein Peanut Butter range costs just £4.50 per 450g jar and is available at www.dr-zaks.com and www.musclefood.com.

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