Festive Tipples: What We’ll Be Drinking This Christmas

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It’s finally December! After a tumultuous year, we’re all looking forward to some well-earned festive cheer. And as we break out the Christmas decorations, it’s time to think about what we’ll be drinking this festive period.

From warming red wines to festive-themed gins and everything in-between. There’s a lot to choose from but the picks below are worth taking note of as you start your food and drinks shopping for Christmas.

Award winning Italian Red Wine

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Who doesn’t love red wine this time of year and any time of the year, come to think of it? They are warming, bursting with flavour and enhance meals when paired correctly.

I’ve already shared some wines to cosy up with this autumn but these two are truly special and deserve a spot on your Christmas shopping list. Both have won Decanter awards, and are gorgeous Italian reds that make an impression.

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Starting with  Le Camarde Negroamaro & Primitivo 2016, a beautiful and complex blend of Negroamaro and Primitivo; not to mention a Decanter Bronze Medal; with flavours of blackberry, chocolate and juniper. Both grapes are heavyweights on their own but marrying them is just a flavour extravaganza. It’s rich and full-bodied and very enjoyable on its own but it will no doubt elevate the many roasts dinners you’ll be having this festive period.

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There’s also this  306 Biologico Nero d’Avola 2017 Sicilia DOC, a wine that’s achieved the difficult to get Decanter Silver Medal. This masterpiece has aromas of redcurrant, cranberry, and red cherry, with delicate scents of black pepper, cedar, and leather. This wine is rich, with intense flavours because the producer, Salvatore Tamburello removes half of the bunches from his vines, which means the remaining grapes receive all the nutrients and in the end have a much more concentrated flavour.

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Not only are these two bottles a must-have on your Christmas shopping list, but you can also gift them as Independent wine is offering a free gift-wrapping service this Christmas. Order now and they’ll have it gift wrapped and delivered to the recipient in time for Christmas. Grab your bottles here

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Orange and Gingerbread Snow Globe Gin

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The whimsy of this Snow Glob Gin captures the feeling of Christmas! It makes the perfect gift for yourself or the gin lover in your life. It’s a luxurious gin with tastes of real zesty Seville orange, the warmth of gingerbread, and notes of cinnamon and dried cloves – all of which perfectly capture the spirit of Christmas. It also contains edible 23kt gold leaves.

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The gin comes in an exquisite Italian made Snow Globe Bottle with a lamp on the base. For the full snow globe effect, turn on the light and shake the bottle.

It’s beautiful to look at and tastes delicious – just what you want for a festive tipple. The Orange and Gingerbread Snow Globe Gin is available here.

 Mainbrace Rum

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Here is something special for rum lovers this festive season. Mainbrace rum is quite unique; not just in its name or in the lovely shape of its bottle but in taste as well. It’s unlike any rum you’ve had before in that it’s golden in colour and spliced, not spiced like most rums.

A premium rum from Cornwall, Mainbrace is a blend of 2-5-year-old rums from 3 different stills in Guyana and Martinique.

It’s a warm, spicy golden liquid that is smooth to drink on its own and works well in a cocktail. It’s definitely a great addition to your drinks cabinet this festive season.

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Buy  Mainbrace Rum here.

Infusionist Icy Blueberry Gin Liqueur

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Another option for gin-thusiasts is this new Infusionist Icy Blueberry Gin Liqueur from Aldi.

Other than the picture-perfect snowy scene bottle to put you in a festive mood, the frosty twist on a fruity liqueur with the sweet tastes of juicy blueberry will make G &Ts interesting this festive season. It’s available here.

Sipful canned cocktails

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You might not be an expert mixologist but you don’t have to be to enjoy cocktails at home this Christmas. Cocktail experts Sipful will do all the hard work and deliver the cocktails to your door. They have a few options to choose from, there are the Classic cocktails, Mimosas and Bellinis so visit the Sipful shop to take your pick.

Fortnum’s Sparkling Teas

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For those living the Nolo lifestyle, Fortnum’s new Sparkling Teas are a must buy this Christmas. It’s fresh and crisp and contains zero alcohol.

There are two options, Original Sparkling Tea made with a certified organic blend of eight of rare brews. It has complex flavours and notes of tropical fruits on the nose, and a palate of lemongrass, water mint and Darjeeling, leading into drier tannins and a long-lasting hint of jasmine on the finish.

For rosé lovers, there’s Rosé Sparkling Tea – a wonderfully crisp and elegant rosé with a pale pink hue and a subtle sweetness.  It opens with notes of tropical fruits, cranberry, hints of ginger, and deep layers of Darjeeling – complemented by light, fresh Japanese Sencha.

These two are well made, refreshingly delicious, and better tasting than some champagne, it’s highly recommended even if Nolo drinks aren’t your thing. Yes, they are that good! Buy here.

Check out more Christmas shopping guides here, and you can download our FREE 2020 Christmas Recipes Book here

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