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First Mercedes-Benz Fragrance for Men

Here’s something to cheer up those who can’t afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, buy the perfume instead. Made by perfumer Olive Cresp of Firmenich, the Mercedes-Benz perfume is the first male fragrance from brand.

For those who know their fragrances, the Mercedes-Benz perfume combines floral freshness and woody musk, with a touch of lemon essence and Italian mandarin. It also has a spice of nutmeg, bourbon pepper, galbanum resin, patchouli, vertiver grass and American cedarwood. Apparently these ingredients are what makes the fragrance unique.

No price range has been mentioned yet but expect the eau de toilette, deodorant, shower gel and aftershave of the Mercedes-Benz perfume early next year.


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