GLORIOUS! launch new Street Food Soups – GLORIOUS soups reviewThis time of year, soups are a staple. It’s my go to because they are warming, filling, healthy and can be eaten any time of day. And generally, I’m a soup person; in fact, I remember eating soups three times a day for a month a few years back, that said the new Glorious Street Food Soup range couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The weather’s gotten colder and these perfectly sized pots are just what’s needed.

Inspired by the vibrant food markets of the Middle East and South East Asia, I’ve been taste testing the range for the past two weeks and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s perfect to eat on its own or with rice or bread, either way, it works.

Let’s take a closer look, it comes in three new flavours:

Chicken Laksa

Laksa is a favourite street food soup served piping hot in the streets of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Thailand. The GLORIOUS’ version is a mildly spiced chicken, coconut and noodle soup, which contains gungo peas, sweet potato, spinach and lemongrass. – GLORIOUS soups – GLORIOUS soups review

Sweet Potato Thai Massaman

Commonly served by Thai street food vendors, Massaman curry has been given a twist to create this decadent and rich sweet potato soup. Also containing cauliflower, coconut and lemongrass, this soup has the added bonus of being gluten free, and is sure to add some zest to your lunch hour. – GLORIOUS soups review

Middle Eastern Spiced Tomato Soup – GLORIOUS soups reviewThis delicious soup is inspired by the popular Turkish breakfast dish, Shakshuka and is a great lunch choice for those who are gluten free and vegetarian. It features paprika, tomato, chickpeas, red pepper, brown rice and buckwheat, so will give you plenty of fuel to last you through the day. – GLORIOUS soups reviewMy favourite out of the three is the Middle Eastern Spiced Tomato Soup. I love the texture and flavour, and it’s the appropriate amount of spicy. Most soups claim to be spicy but turn up to be very mild. This is the real deal.

The range is definitely tasty and will be my go to as temperatures continue to plummet. The range is available exclusively in Sainsbury’s right now and cost just £1.50 per pot. Time to stock up.

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