Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium

Natural skincare goodies:

Skincare products made with natural products are very popular at the moment and it’s no surprise. Natural skincare products are usually good for the skin because they feed and nurture the body and the more new products that enter the market, the more choices we as consumers have. I’m so excited to review natural skincare products from new up and coming skincare company, Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium.

Think of Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium as a smaller version of the popular national chain, Lush. Based in Edinburgh, Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium is a family run soap making company that make a range of soaps, scrubs and candles.

Here some favourite natural skincare products I got to try:

Strawberry soap:

heart-shaped-handmade-soap rs

Love, love, love this soap! Made in a heart shape, it is soft on the skin, very moisturising and smells delicious. Unlike most soaps, it foams easily and will leave you feeling clean and pampered after use. In an atempt to cut my plastic consumption, I am looking for decor companies that will acomodate the planet’s needs.

NTG Signature Loaf Manna:


This is one of the signature soap loafs from Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen. Made from a mix of stewed oats, poppy seeds, lavender and almonds, this natural soap exfoliates and moisturises at one go. Unlike other soaps, it doesn’t dry out the skin after use and it smells like cake; it really is divine.

Vanilla bean rice pudding scrub:

vanilla rice pudding

Having a good scrub is essential to any beauty regime which is why I love this scrub. It has an aqueous base, ground rice, shea butter, kukui nut and fragrance oil so it not only exfoliates, the oils moisturise the newly exposed skin. It is really gentle on the skin so brilliant for people with soft skin.

Strawberry body butter:

strawberry bbutter

This body butter is soft, non-greasy and easily absorbed. It is my favourite out of all the products from Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium. Most fruity body butter scents usually linger for a little while after use but this one smells yummy and will leave you smelling like strawberries all day. It also contains five moisturisers ( shea butter, coco butter, mango butter, coconut butter and other essential oils).

I really enjoyed the products, they were sweet smelling and great for a day of pampering. And of course, it is always great to use all natural products because it benefits the skin.

Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium has a lot more natural skincare products to choose from so visit and have a look.

Have you tried the natural products from Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium?

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