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Jean Paul Gaultier Final Show for Hermes

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The beautiful marriage between Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes has come to an end but we will have lasting memories.

The final show at Paris Fashion week can only be described as a spectacular equestrian extravaganza!

The runway was covered in bark chippings and the plain black backdrop didn’t give anything away, but as the black curtains opened, the scene behind it drew a collective gasp from the audience.

The ceiling was hung with a dozen enormous crystal chandeliers above a dressage arena where eight horses with plaited manes and Hermes saddles were ranged by riders in white shirts and black jodhpurs.

The collection which paid tribute to Hermes’ leather-working saddle-maker history, comprised of sexy sort buckskin wrap shirts styled with leather Jodhpur pants slung with horse-bit belts.

Nude leather strapless all-in-ones were worn over black cotton shirts and accessorised with basket-woven Kelly bags. Leather skirts cut like blacksmiths’ aprons, harnesses of bridle leather cinched crisp cotton shirts, biscuit suede duster coats and pants were with scarf printed silks.  The designer who takes over has some HUGE shoes to fill.

Check out the runway photos.

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