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Back in August when gyms reopened, MyProtein extended its award-winning, fruit-based Clear Whey Isolate range with three new flavours – Watermelon, Mango & Coconut, and Cranberry & Raspberry to shake things up and offer a more summery option to the usual creamy protein shakes.

The Clear Whey Isolate range is a limited edition, low-sugar shake that delivers an impressive 20g of protein at under 90 calories per serving. It contains just 0.1g of fat, 0.3g of sugar, 4g of BCAA, and 3g glutamine; so I had to give it a try.

I am a big fan of creamy protein shakes especially for breakfast as they are easy and quick to make, and helps me top up my protein as well as my fruit and veg intake.

This is however my first time trying Whey Isolate and My Protein’s Clear Whey Isolate range.

So what’s the difference between Whey Protein and Whey Isolate? - MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate

The main difference between whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate lies in the amount of protein in each scoop. Isolates contain approximately 90% protein per scoop, with the majority of the fat and lactose removed, while whey protein still has fat and lactose.

Basically, whey Isolate is the one for you if you’re lactose intolerant or want a lean protein source.

Benefits of taking Whey Isolate - MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate

While there are many reasons why people take in protein drinks, such as for weight loss, weight gain, to aid recovery after a workout, etc; I like it for a quicker recovery after a workout.

Also, it contains amino acids and is especially rich in leucine, isoleucine, and valine that are important for muscle growth and maintenance. It’s also a good and easy way to increase my intake of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are difficult to get through food intake.

And finally, I love what it does for my skin, hair, and nails. My nails are stronger and grow better when I take in protein drinks, same for my hair growth and the general health of my skin – bruises and cuts heal quicker.

Taste test - MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate

I’ve had creamy shakes for years but this is a refreshing twist. It’s light, fruity and refreshing with no milky taste or texture.

I drink it on its own without the need to blend it with fruit or veg, something I never do with milky whey. It’s also low in sugar which is a big plus because I recoil from anything sweet tasting, and finally, it has only 83kcal.

Definitely a winner! - MyProtein Clear Whey Isolate

Check out the entire MyProtein Whey Isolate range here and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get the latest.

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