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Oud Milano review

Say hello to Italian makeup and skincare brand Oud Milano. For a brand that’s only three years old, it has an extensive range of products. Personally, I love how colourful the makeup shades are, it’s uplifting considering how miserable this summer has been.

Oud Milano beauty review
                       Beautiful Packaging

Like I mentioned, the range is very extensive, expanding from makeup, makeup tools, skincare, bath products, even fragrances. I’ve been trying a few of the products since June and I just love how colourful it is even though the shades I’ve been trying out aren’t the brightest in the collection. Everything about the brand screams lush, I mean check out the packaging, it’s very eye catching and luxurious but I’d expect nothing less from an Italian brand. Here are my highlights and swatches:


Oud Milano Kohl Pencil

The first thing I tried is this Kohl eyeliner. It comes in 4 shades but I tried it in black. It’s a kajal pencil so perfect for a deep, technical and glamourous look. Plus it glides very easily, making it very easy to apply.

Oud Milano Kohl Swatch
                  Kohl Black

Lipstick Lip Designer

Oud Milano Lip Designer
         103 Rossetto

This lipstick is described as the perfect lipstick to design flawless lips, hence the name Lip Designer. It comes in 18 colourful shades and contains waxes and emulsifiers that moisturises lips and give colour staying power. It feels like lip balm on lips while providing a vibrant, bright, vivid colour. Here’s a swatch of 103 Rossetto, as you can see, it’s very rich and moisturising.

Oud Milano Review
                        103 Rossetto

Eyeshadow Compact

 Oud Milano Review

Oud has 30 shades of eyeshadow compact which I find to be rich and very pigmented. They are very beautiful, stand out colours which can be layered or applied on their own for dramatic effect.

Oud Milano review

I got to try 303 Ombretto which isn’t as dramatic as other shades in the range but is equally outstanding, and velvety on lids.

Oud Milano review

Primer Flawless beauty

Oud Milano Primer

Here’s Oud’s Primer flawless beauty. It’s a very light make-up base which minimizes large pores and other skin imperfections.

Oud Milano review

Light and velvety

Crazy after shower vanilla powder

Oud Milano Review

This is an odd one, I haven’t actually heard of an after shower body powder being part of normal skin routine, must be an Italian thing. But don’t knock it, at least until you’ve given it a go. It’s a smoothing silky powder containing glitter and it smells delicious. The Crazy After Shower Powder comes in 3 fragrances – strawberry and cream, Vanilla and raspberry.

Oud Milano Crazy Powder Vanilla Oud Milano Crazy Powder Vanilla

Oud Milano is new to the UK, their first store opened on Oxford Street (353 Oxford St) early June this year where you can test products, and get a makeover before purchasing any products.

Have you tried any products by Oud Milano?

Oud Milano Review Oud Milano review

Oud Milano Review


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