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Inspired by and produced with flowers, say hello to another skincare brand I’m fan girling right now, French skincare brand Sanoflore! Sanoflore is finally here in the UK and as usual, I’m super psyched to meet its acquaintance.

The brand is part of L’Oréal Active Skincare Division; it’s the company’s first ever organically certified brand. It combines the best of nature with modern scientific rigour.

Although we’re just hearing about Sanoflore in the UK, the brand has been around since 1972 in the National Park of Vercors in South-Eastern France. An area known for its purity, with agriculture in the region free of pesticides for more than 45 years, resulting in botanicals particularly rich in active molecules and antioxidants – Sanoflore review

Sanoflore’s made up of 19 performance-proven skincare products that fall into five ranges. They’re made to nurture and revitalise skin with immediate, visible results. And I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on the hero product from each range. – Sanoflore review

I’m a fan of plant powered skincare. I find myself using more and more. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying Sanoflore with great enthusiasm and here are my thoughts. Starting with Magnifica, the anti – imperfections range which prevent breakouts, fight shine and keep skin radiant.

The range is made with organic Menthe Piperita Floral Water and peppermint essential oils for their anti-inflammatory properties and combined them with a unique complex of 9 essential oils.

The hero of the range is Aqua Magnifica, a skin perfecting botanical essence which reduces impurities, revitalises the complexion and tightens pores. It’s a a clear, light liquid which can be applied with a cotton on clean, already cleansed skin. What it does is do away with any impurities your normal cleanser couldn’t get rid of to reveal purified and even more toned skin. It’s recommended for both morning and evening cleansing routine. – Sanoflore review

Then there’s the Rosa Angeliai range, which plumps and hydrates the skin for a youthful appearance using naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid – Rosa Damascena Flower Extract. – Sanoflore review

Baume de Rose, a deeply hydrating velvety night treatment that cocoons the skin in hydrating goodness for a dewy fresh look in the morning is the hero of the range. It’s light, absorbs very easily and will reveal a more radiant and fresh looking skin come morning. It acts as a skin-quenching mask recommended for use once or twice a week. Just apply it over face and neck and leave over night for it to work its magic. – Sanoflore review – Sanoflore review

Here’s the Reines range which gives radiant skin perfection. It fights fatigued complexion with powerful ingredients like Pure Royal Jelly, Beech Bud Extract and Regenerating Adenosine – a natural competitor to retinol. – Sanoflore review

And here’s the hero of the range – Elixir des Reines, a potent concentrate that injects youthful energy into lack-lustre complexions while skin’s rejuvenated and plumped.

It’s light and fresh in texture, works great on its own or it can act as a serum so you can apply it on face and neck before applying your moisturiser. It’s a daily regiment (day and night) which helps renew skin in 21 days. – Sanoflore review

Here’s Aciana Botanica, a cleansing range made from Cornflower Floral Waters and Sunflower Seed Oil. The range has antioxidant and protective qualities, and fights against dark circles and bags too. The range contains certified organic micellar water, milky makeup remover, and gelee – oil – to – milk formula all of which frees the skin from impurities and traces of pollution. – Sanoflore review – Sanoflore review

I’m a big fan of the Divine Bare Skin Gelee Makeup Remover which is the hero product of the Aciana Botanica range. It’s gel like and when massaged into dry skin, it morphs into a silk oil that dislodges traces of oily makeup, pollution and excess sebum. Then it turns milky when it comes in contact with water. It even gets rid of waterproof mascara and it’s suitable for dry and sensitive skin. – Sanoflore review

Finally there’s the freshly distilled, Organic Floral Waters range which is made up of 3 organic and pure undiluted floral waters, each targeting a specific skincare issue and breathing new life into skin.

This Organic Ancient Rose Floral Water is the hero of the Organic Floral Waters range. It enhances the skin’s radiance with antioxidant power equivalent to vitamin C. It’s ideal for dull and tired complexion, giving skin an instant glow when spritzed. It’s a refreshing toner which I spray on my face and dab with cotton wool

Sanoflore Launched exclusively on in July with prices starting from £14.

Have you tried Sanoflore? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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