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New Hair Hero: Remington Air Plates

Say hello to Remington Air Plates, a hair straightener 80 years in the making. Unveiled at Remington’s 80 years young celebration at one Belgravia a few weeks ago, it’s represents another innovative step taken by the brand.

Air Plates is the world’s first hair straightener with suspended plates. It’s suspended in the air using levitation technology and designed to style every strand in one stroke.

Remington is one of those beauty brands that have been around forever and maybe we all take for granted but really shouldn’t. Getting a chance to see how far it has come and the many products it has produced over the years was eye opening and is frankly inspirational to see that they still lead the pack when it comes to beauty and grooming tools.

In describing the new Remington Air Plates, the brand said – unique suspended plates perfectly align with every hair strand, meaning there are no gaps and no hair goes untamed. With each stroke, the suspended plates adjust to your hair and unlike standard straighteners, capture each strand with each pass, leaving beautifully styled hair in just one stroke. Sounds amazing right? 

The new Air Plates from Remington features:

World’s first suspended plates which provides maximum contact for more efficient results. Made with Black Titanium Ceramic, it has 2 x smoother glide, 3 x longer lasting more ceramic.

It also has Cool Touch Technology so the outer casing remains cooler even when the plates are heated up. Not to mention it has longer plates – 100mm to be exact. 

The Remington Air Plates is easy to navigate and that is saying a lot from someone like me. I’m terrible at straightening my own hair so if I’m able to use it to get smooth, sleek looking hair, then anyone can use it. Trust me on that 🙂

Remington also launched an accompanying Air Plates Paddle Brush which is awesome at detangling, reduces frizz and really handy when blow drying hair into straight sleek styles. 

Personalised Air Plates.

Remington took us through their years of innovation …

The new Remington Air Plates are available now. Check out all the features here.

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