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Water’s long been known as an essential element for a healthy lifestyle so when combined with protein – well, you get the perfect go to drink for gym bunnies everywhere.

Say hello to ProWater, a new a high protein, low calorie water drink just launched in the UK. Aimed at health conscious consumers looking for quality protein on the go.

The drink has been formulated to provide a refreshing alternative to the many “misleading” high protein bars and shakes, which often contain large quantities of less desirable ingredients.

ProWater delivers 20g of high quality protein, is only 90 kcal per 500ml bottle, and comes in three flavours: Blueberry, Red Berries and Citrus Mint.

I’ve long shunned sports drinks at the gym but was happy to give ProWater a go, after all, just water with 20g of high quality protein with no sugar, carbs, fat or caffeine sounded pretty good to me.

Tastewise, it’s like flavoured water, without the chalky protein taste. It also helps with mid work out dips when you feel you’re running out of energy, it gives a boost.

Keeps you full for longer – I’m usually ravenous after a workout out but drinking ProWater during means it takes a couple of hours for hunger to kick in – I guess the protein gets to work which is a good start when wanting to trim down a little.

And finally, I found that it aids with muscle recovery. I usually feel muscle soreness for days after a gruelling workout but I did recover quickly (within 24hrs) so that was a pretty great benefit for me.

ProWater is already available in Superdrug and will soon be stocked in TK Maxx. Visit   for more information.

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