Reasons to switch to skincare oils plus favourites to include in your skincare routine now

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There’s no better time to use oils in your skincare routine than in spring and summer when temperatures are high and something light, non-greasy and hydrating is required.  Face and body oils like lotions and cream moisturise skin but oils go a little bit further. They re-introduce lost moisture in skin and nourishment deep into skin

Oils also regulate sebum production; as they mimic the structure of the natural lipids found in our skin, so it can help repair and re-regulate the skin’s moisture barrier which is responsible for oil production.

Oils also improve the skin barrier function, meaning the top layers of our skin treat them as their own—resulting in a reparative, moisturising effect.

Six face & body oils to include in your skincare routine right now

Amor Sui Inner Glow Body Oil – body oils for spring

This fragrant body oil by Amor Sui is made up of 15 oils that help skin glow. Ingredients include frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Ge, which should give you an idea of how musky and fragrant it is. It’s thick in texture but is very easily absorbed by skin. Also, part of the 15 oils used include mood uplifting essential oils like CBD so it not only hydrates and helps skin glow, it’s quite soothing on the senses as well.

Fushi Wellbeing Organic Rosehip Oil – body oils for spring

Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, and essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which means it hydrates and nourishes skin deeply. This freshly squeezed organic version from Fushi Wellbeing is very dry and thin so penetrates skin to help it regenerate while treating sun damage and pigmentation problems.

Lacura Miracle Oil – Lacura skincare

This Elizabeth Arden dupe by Lacura works wonders on the face, body, and hair.  It locks in moisture for longer to keep skin hydrated for longer and this particular miracle oil adds shine and radiance to the face, body, and hair without leaving any oily residue.

Skinirvana Pure Bliss Original Beauty Oil – Beauty Oil review

An anti-ageing beauty oil with gorgeous packaging, this nourishes and restores skin to its natural radiance.  The oils used in this beauty oil are created from the purest quality, highest grade ingredients, helping to deliver a natural potency that reawakens the skin’s vitality to a flawless and glowing complexion.

Dr Jackson’s 03 Face Oil – body oils for spring

Dr Jackson’s products do have a bit of a cult following with a good reason. All products are natural – extracted based on methods used by African traditional healers to ensure purity as well as a high concentration of ingredients.

This face oil is very rich in vitamins, nourishing and powerfully reverses the effects of damage to replenish nutrients to skin and renew a youthful radiance. The result is a visibly smoother, retexurised complexion, and who doesn’t want that?

Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil – body oils for spring

I’m a big fan of Manuka Doctor because it’s organic and contains so many nutrients. This Brightening Facial Oil brightens and evens out skin tone but also does so much more like reducing age spots and makes skin more luminous and radiant after use.

I find the oil to be quite thick so just a drop is more than enough to protect skin while regenerating it with essential oils like argan, rosehip, and avocado for skin suppleness.

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