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Retro Fun with Corky’s Schnapps + Cocktail Recipes – Cocktail Recipes
As you know, party season is just round the corner and nothing says p-a-r-t-y like sinking a few cocktails with the girls.Maybe it’s the 80’s child in me, but I’m loving these readymade cocktail schnapps from Corky’s, which can also be downed as shots if preferred – bottoms up!

Let’s face it, who creates things from scratch these days? Almost everything can be store bought and these cocktail drinks are no different. You can grab these ready-made cocktail schnapps from the shelves at Morrisons and you’re halfway to getting the party started.

All that’s needed are a few garnishes and getting creative with the many, easy to make cocktail recipes available on the Corky’s website. – Cocktail Recipes

Corky’s schnapps come in five flavours of glitter and sour schnapps – Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Raspberry Glitter, Mango Glitter & Blueberry Glitter. Incidentally, Corky’s is the only glitter schnapps on the market, how retro is that?

Don’t call me a mixologist yet but I’ve been busy trying my hands at a few cocktail recipes, my signature being the Disco Dancer made with Corky’s Blueberry Glitter, Corky’s Raspberry Glitter and a dash of lemonade. Simply mix all ingredients together and pour into a chilled glass and voilà, you have yourself a refreshing and colourful cocktail drink. – Cocktail Recipes – Cocktail Recipes

Corky’s schnapps glitter range is available in Morrison from £7.

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