DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh: Facial Cleansing the Japanese Way



So how do you wash your face? I’m always looking for ways to cleanse more efficiently. Using my hands just doesn’t feel right and I find that face cloths tend to soften after a few uses.

For a while, I resorted to cutting pieces of my bath sponge to use together with my facial cleanser which I must admit can be a bit harsh on the facial skin, so I was very interested to learn that Japanese cult brand, DHC have introduced a new facial cleanser – the DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh.

The Bubble Foaming Mesh which is just £2 btw, is designed to create a dense but fluffy foam which makes cleansing super-gentle, whilst allowing the cleanser to work harder.

When I got my hands on the mesh, I was interested in two things; will it give me the hard cleansing I’m looking for while being gentle on my skin?

The answer is yes. From what I found, the mesh is there to aid my normal cleanser to remove all dirt, and make-up including waterproof mascara if the cleanser is up for it.

It was super simple to use as well. All I had do was just wet the netting and apply my cleanser then instead of using the net on my face like I would with a face cloth, I just hold the ring with one hand and squeeze out the foam and apply the foam to my face.

Foamy and effective
Foamy and effective

My one complaint is that the mesh got a little too foamy sometimes which I guess means I was using too much cleanser. On second thought, it’s actually not a bad thing because it teaches me to be more economical with the cleanser which in turn means it’ll last longer.

So far I’ve been impressed with the Bubble Foaming Mesh, it makes face cleansing easier, it gets the job done so there’s no need to keep cleansing. Once is enough. It’s a simple idea but gives genius results .

The mesh is also very easy to clean and maintain, after use, just hold the attached ring with one hand and squeeze out the foam then just leave to dry.

The Bubble Foaming Mesh is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a super easy way to cleanse your face and make your cleanser last longer. It’s gentle but it’ll get rid of all dirt in just one application.

DHC recommends that the Bubble Foaming Mesh should be used in collaboration with DHC Face Wash Powder (£9.50) or DHC Face Wash (£22.00) for best results but it can be used with other cleansers as well.

The Foaming Bubble Mesh is just £2.00 and available at www.dhcuk.co.uk

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