Swedish Hasbeens to open London pop-up


It’s that time of year again when pop up stores pop up everywhere; Shoe label Swedish Hasbeens is leading the way by opening a pop-up store at Shoreditch’s pop-up mall Boxpark.

The new retro themed pop-up store opens on Thursday (March 12) and will stock the brand’s two new exclusive styles, the Karin and Marina sandals in addition to its main Spring/Summer 2015 collection which draws inspiration from the traditional Swedish styles of the 70s.

The brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, ‘Go Natural’ features naked women and urges women to take their bodies back. Explaining the idea behind the campaign, founder and designer, Emy Blixt said, ‘the image of a naked female body should not create emotions like shame and sin. This narrow-minded way is destructive for women and men. Women start to see themselves in the same light. Trying to change to please others. It’s time to for us to change for future generations of men and women. Our bodies are always with us. Not as sexual objects.’

Looks like the 70’s are back, not just its fashion but its fearless feminism too, so get pedicure ready and head over to Swedish Hasbeens’ pop up for some colourful Clogs, and accessories for the summer. Swedish Hasbeens are priced from £95.

Swedish Hasbeens Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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