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Ever since I reviewed Fiona kirk’s ‘Soup can make you thin’; I’ve become a huge fan of soups. They are tasty, filling, nutritious, stops snacking and probably the fastest way to lose weight I’ve found.

I’ve been using Fiona’s recipes to make massive pots of soups at the weekend that lasts throughout the week. I must admit, making your own soup does take time and isn’t always viable if you are a busy person so I was excited when I got an invite to Tideford Organics Celebrity Chefs Soups Launch.

Tideford Organics joined forces with renowned chefs, Aldo Zilli, Mark Hix and Mitch Tonk to create the Celebrity Chefs Soup range. All the soups are organic, gluten free and contain no added sugar.

My initial opinion was that the soups looked like they had healthy ingredients, that they were very nutritious, and ingredient combinations sounded interesting. The soups also had good portions, being 600g per pot and the calories per pot are very low for a store bought soup. Conclusion, I couldn’t wait to taste them!

As luck will have it, Tideford Organics sent over some samples just in time for the start of Autumn and here’s my opinion after a thorough taste test.

Aldo Zilli’s Organic Tuscan Bean Soup: This is one of my favourites; it has lots of texture thanks to the beans and peppers floating in the soup so you have something to chew on. It’s just 55 calories per 100g.

Simple Soups

Mitch Tonk’s West Country Haddock Chowder: Normally I can’t stand chowder but I couldn’t resist this haddock chowder with smoky bacon, leeks and peas with naturally smoked haddock. Thick and full of flavour, it was heaven in a bowl on a cold, rainy day. It’s just 83 kcal per 100g.Fantastic!


 Mark Hix’s Celeriac and Apple Soup: I wasn’t expecting to like this vegan soup but it turned out to be the most comforting of all the three celebrity chef soups. Made from English apples, it’s simply blended, goes down easily and warms you up as you drink. Simple ingredients that make a powerful impression. Delicious!

simple celeriac soup

Other Soups by Tideford Organics

Tideford organics vegetable soups

Organic Red Lentil Soup with Apricots & Crushed Chillies: Everything in this soup is delicious; the chillies and apricots work well together and the lentils make sure you go hours before feeling hungry. It’s the sort of soup you need to power through a long day at work. It’s only 38 kcal per 100 gram.

Easy lentil soup recipe

Organic Sweet Potato Soup with Chia Seeds & Quinoa: This soup has a surprising curry taste and smell to it, surprising because curry isn’t one of the many ingredients used. It’s filling, full of flavour and texture and at 48 kcals per 100g, it really is perfect.

quick and easy soup recipes

Organic Winter Beetroot Soup with Curly Kale: Smells lovely when heated up, the spices came to the fore. You can see the kale floating in the soup, this actually gives the soup a bit of texture. It tasted good, and was very comforting. It’s low in everything which is why it’s so low in calories, so as someone who loves strong flavours, I had to up the salt content a little. For a 600g pot of soup, 100gram is just 26 kcals.

simple vegetable soup recipe

I am not a fan of store bought soups but Tideford Organics tick all the right boxes for me. It is nutritious, filling, low in calories and organic.

For those of you who read my review of ‘Soup can make you thin’ cookbook, you know how easy it is to use soups to get in shape without going on a crazy diet. Replace carb filled lunches and unhealthy snacking at your desk with a nice comforting soup. I believe Tideford Organics have made it very easy, there’s no need to cook your own soup, just stick to their low carb soups like Celeriac and Apple, Beetroot with Curly Kale, Spinach with Split pea among others and watch the weight drop off.

TIP: Cup /bowl of soup for breakfast, Cup /bowl of soup for lunch and a high protein dinner will help you drop up to two dress sizes in 4 weeks.

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