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Venus and Serena: The Documentary


Venus and Serena Williams are no strangers to the spotlight, they are known worldwide for their success on and off the court but that’s not what this documentary film is about.

This  film looks into the inner sanctum of the close knit Williams family and reveals the magic behind the William sister’s success.

Half an hour into the film and it becomes very obvious that Venus and Serena may be the ones we see on court with trophies but their victories aren’t just theirs but for the entire family.

Their rise and domination of women’s tennis has been a carefully crafted family affair; their father Richard planned their success even before they were born (he wrote a 78pg document on it) but he wasn’t the only one.

Their mother Oracene was and continues to be an inspiring force in the sisters’ lives, while their older sisters helped in anyway possible – from hitting balls on the practice court to running errands and cooking meals.

The film also documents the sister’s struggle to get back to the top of world tennis after career threatening health problems and the personal tragedy of the accidental shooting of their older sister Yetunde.

In one on one interviews, we hear the sister’s thoughts on player and media reaction when they first broke onto the world stage. How they dealt with jealousy from other players and hostility from spectators; and how they deal with controversies and on court meltdowns today.

Venus and Serena is a behind the scenes documentary of the Williams sisters like never seen before, it shows interviews with Venus and Serena, the Williams family and people who know them.

From crowd hostility toward a young Serena, and racist abuse towards Venus and Richard at Indian Wells in 2001(a tournament the sisters boycott) to the family’s pain on the tragedy of their slain older sister Yetunde Price, this documentary will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Venus and Serena is insightful, funny in places and well worth watching if you are a tennis fan or a fan of the William sisters.

RELEASE DATE: Friday, June 28, 2013
RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes
DIRECTOR: Maiken Baird
CAST: Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour, Chris Rock and John McEnroe.

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