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Fitness Gadget Review:

Like most people I have a scale in my bathroom, I step on it daily and the numbers always disappoint. I choose to blame the scale for being unreliable but whether this is a true diagnosis or my inability to accept my true weight; I decided to try a new scale so I’ve been playing around with the new Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale for the past few weeks.

I also got 5 colleagues to give it a try mainly to test the memory capacity of the scale which according to Wahoo can store the weight and BMI information of up to 16 people.

At first glance the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale looks like your average digital scale but a closer look reveals it not only records the weight of users but can also help set target BMI or weight and to reach the set goals.

Fashioned out of glass, it is good to look at and will fit well in any bathroom; the bottom has four pressure-sensitive rubber feet, connected to each other by three grey plastic bars. The button shifts between pounds and kilograms for units of measurement.

How it Works:

The new Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale when stepped on sends the user’s weight and BMI via Bluetooth 4.0 to an iPhone or iPad which can then be used in conjunction with other fitness apps to set and manage weight goals.

The scale can store 16 different profiles with different weight targets, so an entire family or household can use it.
The internal memory of the device can hold up to 130 weights so users can weigh themselves and sync to their iPhone or iPad at a later date.

The scale is compatible with apps such as TactioHealth, iBody and Wahoo’s own app, Wahoo Wellness (free).

Overall, I think the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale is a brilliant device which aids fitness and makes the management of one’s weight easy. I was however not entirely happy with it being an iPhone only device considering it might be useful to others who do not use iPhone.

The Balance Smartphone scale is available from www.wahoofitness.com and www.amazon.co.uk, priced at £89.99.

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