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Tis the season for battering winds and constant rain when outside, and heat when indoors, the weather plays havoc not just with skin but hair as well. From dry cracked skin to hair that drys out and starts to thin or break, winter can wreak havoc on the body so naturally special care and specialist products have to be used to counter this during winter season hence our winter hair and skincare series.

Starting with a product that works hard to moisturise as well as stop the ageing process in its tracks, among other things, say hello to ARK ((Age Aware Skincare) Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque. A fantastic hydration mask that quenches and smoothes problem skin and plumps fine lines at the same time.

The active ingredients in the masque includes a blend of vitamins including vitamin A to promote collagen production, vitamin B5 for smoothness, Vitamin C to fade pigmentation and Vitamin E to prevent UV damage.

The mask also contains Hyaluronic Acid Booster which drenches skin with moisture, optimise the circulation of water through all skin layers and provide 24-hour protection against water loss.

Finally it contains Sugar Beet and Abyssinian Oil to intensely nourish the skin for a plush, luxury skin feel.

Launched in August this year, the Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque s an all year round product to replenish the skin and make it radiant but it really is a God send during winter because you can see instant results when used on dry, thirsty skin. The skin feels soft and silky to touch and it keeps dryness at bay.

There’s a lot we like about this Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque, its effectiveness for one, it’s also made in Britain, which is great for the beauty industry and finally the fact that it is for all age types. Whether you have pigmentation issues, dry and dull skin or wrinkles and fine lines, it’s a solution for all.

Avoid the delicate eye area
Avoid the delicate eye area


Instructions for use are very simple and straightforward, it’s recommended for use once or twice a week by applying a thin layer to cleansed skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Leave on as stated below, depending on skin’s age-related needs then remove with a hot cloth:

Teens and twenties: Leave on for approximately 5 minutes.
Thirties and forties: Leave on for approximately 10 minutes.
Fifties and onwards: Leave on for approximately 20 minutes. Can be left on overnight for an intensive treatment.

ARK Hydration Injection Masque is priced at £35 for 75ml, and is available from and the ARK London Salon, Putney.

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