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Losing earphones during workouts or having to replace it every couple weeks because of kinks in the wire is annoying and an expensive habit. I came across Yurbuds – the latest fitness earphones on the block which could be the answer.

Yurbuds are sport earphones designed to be more durable for sport and fitness activity,  It’s designed to contour to the human ear for perfect fit and comfort.

Main features:

Water and sweat resistant
Ambient noise aware
It has silicone buds with TwistLock technology which keeps them in place during strenuous activity.


A week’s use of Yurbuds for Kettlebell workouts. Exercises don’t come more strenuous or motion based than kettlebells so it was the perfect workout to put Yurbuds to test.


-The buds were comfortable to wear – very soft.
-Despite five days of rigorous swinging of kettlebells and squats, the Yurbuds did not dislodge once which was great to see.
-Despite modification to the earphones – adding the TwistLock technology buds, sound was not muffled, it was surprising clear.
-The wires of the Yurbuds are protected by a special material which not only makes it damp resistant, it also withstands kinks and breakage which most earphone wires are so susceptible to.
-Finally, there’s an extra pair of TwistLock technology buds in case they are needed.


Yurbuds looks like a long term investment; it is durable and will last long. With the TwistLock technology buds, you don’t have to think about the earphones dislodging as it is shaped to fit your ear shape so you can move to your heart’s content.

The protective material on the wire also means, there won’t be cracks or breaks in the wire anytime soon.
Remove the TwistLock technology buds and the Yurbuds look like standard earphones – I wonder if the TwistLock technology buds can be bought separately to upgrade any earphones for an uninterrupted fitness activity.

Yurbuds is available at, prices start at £30. Have you tried Yurbuds?

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