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Body Reset Diaries: Day 10

Day 10 of Body Reset Diet:

Day 10 and another 2lb lost. I’m definitely pleased with this 5lb of weight loss. I had been a little worried that I may have been overloading on calories on the evening meals but I obviously had nothing to worry about.

For some days now, I haven’t mentioned snacks but that is because I haven’t been I having any. The three main meals of the day have been so filling that I haven’t had any need for snacks.

The diet mandates two snacks but I haven’t had the need for snack in between meals. I believe for long term success of weight loss and maintenance, everyone has to adapt. Once you get used to how the diet works, it is very easy to make the choices that suit you.

Day 10 Meals

Breakfast: Raspberry lemon drop Smoothie – 275kcal

red smoothie
Lunch: Sweet spinach Smoothie – 315kcal

Spinach, Apple, Grapes, Avocado, Greek yoghurt, Lime juice
Spinach, Apple, Grapes, Avocado, Greek yoghurt, Lime juice

Dinner: Egg and avocado salad with lettuce

egg avocado

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