Body Reset Diaries: Day 3

Three days in and so far there’d been no surprises; smoothie making has become very easy and quick- within 5 mins or less.

The time interval between meals (smoothies) these first 3 days have varied and I wonder what diet creator Pasternak will say about that. The first two days it was every 4 hours and today, I ate only when hungry which meant I sometimes went up to 7 hours before having a meal.

I think that’s because the snacks are so filling or worse, I’m scoffing way more peanuts than I’m supposed to.

In terms of physical activity, I was desk bound all day so there wasn’t a lot of walking although I managed to sneak in a 20 minute workout – 10 mins kettlebells and 10 minutes cardio dance workout.

Day 3 Meals:

Breakfast: White smoothie


Snack: 4 crisp bread (115 kcal + dry roasted peanuts)

Lunch: Red smoothie

(Thick and very coarse thanks to berry seeds).

supper day 2

Tip: blend berries separately and strain to get rid of seeds before adding to rest of smoothie ingredients.

Snack: 4 crisp bread (115 kcal + dry roasted peanuts)

Dinner: Cool cucumber lime smoothie

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