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Body Reset Diaries: Day 6

Day 6 of Body Reset Diet:

It’s day 6; I’m 3lb lighter and starting today, I get to eat a solid meal. Thinking back to day 1 when I was nervous about being on just smoothies, I suddenly feel weird about going back on solid meals.

The solid meals from now till day 10 are called S – Meals in the body reset diet book because they are simple, single dishes, scrambled, salads, sandwiches and soups (all start with S)

I’m not entirely sure if the transformation will be difficult but I don’t expect it to be considering how easy the first 5 days have been.

Also, all S-meals will get a little twist or personal touch from me as not all the ingredients are to my liking. For example my choice of dinner Boiled eggs and peppered salami over rocket salad is my version of Easy Nicoise salad (pg. 215).

I never eat bread – wholemeal or otherwise in the evening, I like egg yolks and didn’t have any tuna but love peppered salami. The original recipe of Easy Nicoise salad has 360 kcal but I’m pretty sure my tweaked recipe of Boiled eggs and peppered salami over rocket salad will be lower in calories.

In terms of physical activity, I did little walking today because I simply didn’t have anywhere to go; I was sitting behind a laptop all day but I did squeeze in 30 minute workout of cardio and kettlebells so it wasn’t all that bad.

Day 6 Meals:

Breakfast: Apple Pie Smoothie:


Snack: 3 wheat crispbreads and peanuts + a cup of white sugarless tea.

Lunch: Very Berry Smoothie

ruby red frostie

Dinner: 3 Boiled eggs and peppered salami over rocket salad


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