Celgenics: Anti-aging Skincare and rejuvenating Facial.

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Anti-aging skincare at its best.

It looks like the quest to stop Father Time and preserve our youthful skin is pushing the beauty industry into extreme territories. From creams infused with 24 carat gold, snake venom and most recently powdered meteorite, anti-ageing wrinkle cream skincare products are getting weirder by the day.

If you are one of the many who have reservations about putting precious metals, stones from outer space and poisons into your skin, and prefer products made with natural ingredients then you can’t go wrong with the new Celgenics anti-aging products created by kinesiologist and nutritionist, Marian Bourne and the accompanying facial – the Celgenics couture facial.

With Celgenics, Marian has created a breakthrough skincare concept which harnesses the power of energy medicine to improve and repair the skin. The Celgenics eye cream has even won the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Eye Cream Award.

The Celgenics collection is built on a concept which harnesses the power of energy medicine to improve and repair the skin, meaning Celgenics unique formulations are infused with healing properties of homeopathic remedies, crystals and vibrational information for skin repair.

The accompanying Celgenics facial is probably one of the most relaxing facials you’ll ever have. Using ancient Ayuvedic healing rejuvenation techniques, it unblocks the blocked flow of energy which occurs when we are stressed and ensures that not just the face benefits but the entire body.

During the facial, energy points are activated to increase the flow of energy; areas of restriction in the connective tissue are released and lymphatic drainage is improved resulting in the skin looking plumper and lifted.

The actual technique is one of repetitive finger movements over the different facial muscles and areas of restricted connective tissue. The movements are similar to a massage and focuses on release, flexibility and suppleness.

The benefits include increased lymphatic drainage, stimulated healing and repair of tissue, increased production of fibroblasts so increased collagen production, and increased circulation, to mention a few.

Most people find the treatment extremely relaxing, I know I did. My face was brighter, plumper and fat deposits under my eyes which for years I had mistaken for freckles were reduced in size.

It is obvious – to me at least that combining Celgenics anti-ageing products with the occasional Celgenics rejuvenation facial can over time stop the ageing process and enhance the youthfulness of the skin.

The fact that everything used in it is natural, organic, and without any Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfates or chemicals is also a comfort considering how extreme the anti-ageing industry is becoming.

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