Primark Beauty exfoliating facial cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes that get the job done:

Primark Beauty
Primark Beauty

On my weekly trip to the high street to find what’s new, I stumbled upon these exfoliating facial cleansing wipes from Primark Beauty.

To be honest, I have been on a quest to find the ultimate cleansing wipes for two reasons; first to cut down the speed with which I go through my facial wash, and second to find a cleansing wipe that actually works. In my case, get rid of all dirt after a long day, prevent blackheads and moisturise.

So far, this exfoliating facial cleansing wipes from Primark Beauty have exceeded my expectation – infact, they have been a revelation.

The wipes have micro-bead technology to exfoliate the skin and it does this perfectly. It cuts through lipstick, mascara, eye liner – the works to get to the skin beneath. The wipes are also infused with cucumber extract to refresh and soothe the skin.

Micro-bead surface
Micro-bead surface

Having only been using it for two days, I’m very impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the wipes. Unlike other wipes on the market, all you need is the one to get the job done.

My trick is to fold the wipe so there are four surfaces of the beaded section to take off all the grease of make-up and dirt then fold inside to get to the non-beaded side and get the cucumber extract into the clean skin.

Folded to create four surfaces.
Folded to create four surfaces.

After use, you get that clean, just been washed feel only without the dryness you get from using other facial washes or wipes – I believe that is cumber extract at work.

As someone who has tried a lot of wipes, I must admit the Primark Beauty exfoliating facial cleansing wipes is a clear front runner for me.

Smooth surface
Smooth surface

Now, I don’t have to worry about going through facial washes too quickly, because my evening cleansing is taken care of. With 25 wipes in a pack and only one needed to do the job, the wipes should last a month and hopefully so will my facial wash.

The Primark Beauty exfoliating facial cleansing wipes are also cost effective.  At £1, it’s probably the cheapest facial cleansing wipes I have encountered on the market so far, and it gets the job done.  I’m definitely hooked.

Have you tried the Primark Beauty exfoliating facial cleansing wipes? I would love to hear your thoughts and experience.

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