Acne Treatment: FaceB4 two – stage skincare regime.

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Acne treatment that stops blemishes in its tracks.


Acne or breakouts of any sort is frustrating but we can accept it as part of growing up although when these problems persist into adulthood we are sometimes stumped by what is causing it, and how we can stop breakouts and the blemishes they cause to the skin.

Whether a teenager or adult, male or female, FaceB4’s two stage skincare regime made of up an anti-bacterial face wash and after cleansing soothing serum promises to kill bacteria, helping prevent spots and blemish breakouts.

Described as the UK’s most effective and “cutting edge yet uncomplicated two-stage skincare range”, I decided to put it to the test.

Anti-bacterial face wash

FaceB4’s two stage skincare regime is made up of an anti-bacterial face wash which is a combined cleanser and toner. It contains a dermatologically tested formula that kills spot causing bacteria, propionicbacterium.

The cleanser comes in two separate pump cylinders which combine to form a foam in the hand. When applied to the face, it works to tackle blocked pores and gets rid of excess oil helping banish spots and blemishes.

After Cleansing Serum

The serum contains Vitamin A, B, B5 and E to help maintain a spot free and clear complexion. It also moisturises the skin preventing blemishes. It is to be used after the anti-bacteria cleansing wash.

How to use FaceB4 two-stage skincare range

Use the anti-bacteria wash twice daily; morning and evening. For best results, pump the dual nozzles to release the cleanser and toner which will actively combine to form foam in the hand then massage into wet skin in circular motion avoiding the eye area. Wait one minute then rinse with warm water. This cleanses and tones the skin in one easy step.

Does it work?

Our tester had a mild case of acne, where she gets the occasional breakout. After using the FaceB4 two stage skincare regime for two weeks, she reports the breakouts of spots located on her left cheek has disappeared without leaving a blemish something she was very happy about.

She also reports the reduction of inflammation or redness of her spots after just two days of using the anti- bacteria face wash and cleansing serum.

Very pleased with how quickly her spots reduced and disappeared without leaving any dreaded blemishes and scars, our tester can’t stop raving about the FaceB4 two – stage skincare regime.

She gladly recommends it to anyone with mild to severe acne and breakout problems as the acne treatment to go for. We therefore give the FaceB4 two stage skincare regime a THUMBS UP.

Life & Soul Tip: Take off all make-up before use.

FaceB4 is available exclusively at Boots Stores Nationwide. RRP: £14.95 each.

Have you used the FaceB4s two stage skincare system? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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