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Pedicure at home has never been easier!

With Sandal season almost here, the time is right to have a detailed look at the Micro Pedi. The question on my mind while trying out the Micro Pedi was; can it provide professional salon results at home?

The box contains the main Micro-Pedi equipment, an instruction manual and five interchangeable attachments which slot into the side of a MICRO Pedi roller head, including:
A buffing tool- to give your nails a natural shine
A shaping tool- to smooth the surfaces of your nails
An emery tool- to smooth and shape your nails
A fine shaping tool- to shape and contour your nails
A cuticle pusher- to keep your cuticles neat and clean

Micro Pedi is pretty easy to operate and the instructions are quite clear. Mine came with two AA batteries already inserted so I was pretty much ready to go.

After washing and drying my feet, I proceeded to get rid of the dead skin on my feet by rolling the micro-mineral roller over the soles of my feet.

Because the micro-mineral roller has a small surface, I had to use it on one section of my feet at a time so it took about 20-25 minutes to get my entire feet smooth and free of any dry, rough or callused skin. I suspect people who haven’t had a pedicure for sometime or have extremely rough and callused feet, it will take twice the time to get salon smooth feet.

The Manicure/ Pedicure Kit attachments were great, I used the buffing, shaping and cuticle pusher tools which were easy to attach and did a great job of shaping and buffing my nails.

Overall, the Micro Pedi is easy to use, it was easy to manoeuvre, and did reach all parts of the feet. The instructions are also straight forward and it does what it says on the box, although it might take more than just a few minutes to get the required results.

I’m also very impressed with the convenience of having five manicure and pedicure attachment, this means users get the entire experience – both feet and nails.

Things to note:

Batteries are not included
The micro-mineral roller is replaceable.

The Micro-Pedi costs £39.95 and is available at and from selected Lloyds Pharmacy, Argos, Asda, Superdrug and Boots stores.

Have you used Micro-Pedi? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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