Home Workouts Equipment Review

Home workouts equipment to get you in shape.

Not a big fan of the gym? You are not the only one, and the good news is you don’t have to go to the gym to get into shape. Besides recent studies have shown that as little as ten minutes of exercise each day may be all we need to keep fit and stay in shape.

So if you are looking to shape up for summer, how about keeping your membership money and investing in one of the following home work out equipment perfect for whipping you into shape as long as you commit to 10 – 20 minutes home workouts at least three days a week.



A favourite among people who favour home workouts, Kettle Worx promises to transform your body in six weeks if you do the twenty minute workouts three days a week and follow the accompanying healthy diet plan.

A real highlight of Kettle Worx is the flexibility and diversity – if you don’t feel like swinging a kettle bell for twenty minutes, you can opt for a fast 10 mintues work out which is just as effective.

You can also decide what to work on in each work out session, you could choose between resistance, abs, chest and shoulders, cardio and the list goes on so you can target your problem areas and all you need is one kettle bell and the dvds to get started. Having used kettle Worx for sometime, it does give you a good work out and results if you commit to it. It successfully whipped me in shape last summer and I’m looking forward to it doing the same this time around. Visit Kettleworx.com for more information.

Spin Gym

Spin Gym

The spin gym was created by Forbes Riley to tone, strengthen and sculpt arms in a home workouts. When you buy Spin gym, you get a spin gym, an extra strength cord, a fitness instructional and workout DVD, Abs & more DVD, Instructional guide and a quick start guide.

I tried the spin gym just once mainly because I failed to believe Forbes Riley and her muscular work out buddy got their toned muscles from this tiny cord but it is great for stretching especially after a proper workout.

Shake weights

Shake weights

The Shake Weight is a modified dumbbell that oscillates,  increasing the effects of exercise. It comes in a female and male version, although it was initially released as a product specifically for women.

The Shake Weight is based on vibration plate technology—machines that vibrate to make the muscles relax and contract several times a second. Manufacturers claim this action tones the upper biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Shake weight seemed easy enough to do if you have 10 minutes to spare in the day but shaking is not as easy as it looks.
Getting the shaking right turned out to be no mean feat, I tried several times with the help of the accompanying video but couldn’t get the motion right and considering getting an effective workout depends on how you shake the weight, I lost interest very quickly.

Gym ball


Cheap and versatile, this is another favourite for a good and effective home workouts. You can work your Abs, thighs, arms, bums, back , and shoulders using a gym ball, and can even incorporate the ball into other workouts such as yoga, dumb bells, and Pilates to name a few. Prices start at £8 for a gym ball and all you need is ten minutes making it perfect for a home workout.



These days, treadmills are not as expensive as they use to be, one can be purchased for the equivalent of one month’s gym membership. Treadmills really are one of the quickest ways to get fit; cardio workouts such as running or fast walking burns fat fast.



These are even cheaper than gym balls and are very effective for toning biceps, triceps, the chest and shoulders. Dumbbells are a great way to develop strength, burn fat, increase power, endurance, core stability and balance. Try combining them with other workouts for quicker results.

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