Recipe: California Prune and Apricot Flapjacks

Easy Flapjacks Recipe

flapjacks recipe


75g California Prunes, chopped

150g rolled oats

2 tablespoon bran

100g light muscovado sugar

75g butter or margarine

50g clear honey

65g coconut flakes

50g dried ready to eat apricots, chopped


  • Grease and line an 18cm (7″) square cake tin.
  •  Place the oats and bran in a mixing bowl.
  •  Place sugar, butter and honey into a saucepan. Heat gently until melted.
  •  Pour mixture into dry ingredients, stirring well. Stir in the coconut flakes, prunes and apricots. Pour into prepared tin.
  •  Place in pre-heated oven at 190C (375 F) Mark 5 and bake for 20 minutes.
  •  Score into 8 bars and leave to cool.




Credit: California Prunes

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