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The general consensus on health supplements is that they are good for you. Chock it down to poor diet that lacks the daily nutrient requirements our bodies need or an increased interest in living a healthier lifestyle, either way, the health supplements industry is booming right now. Its market size was valued at USD 140.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6% from 2021 to 2028.

These days, health supplements come in many forms; from tablets and capsules, soft gels and powders, to gummies and liquids, there’s something for every taste and to fix most deficiencies.
We gave popular Irish supplement brand, Revive Active ‘s scientifically formulated health supplements a try for three months to see how effective they are in optimising general health and wellness by filling in the gaps in our diet.

Revive Active’s products are best described as targeted health supplements that can be taken to fix particular deficiencies. They have health supplements that support normal cognitive function, normal brain function, normal energy levels, normal function of the immune system, normal cardiac function and the maintenance of normal hair, nails and skin.

The supplements come in the form of 30 days’ supply of powder sachets that dissolve in water for quick absorption. There’s a wide variety of products to choose from but based on our reviewers’ needs we opted for the new Revive Active Beauty Complex for optimum normal hair, nails, and skin. Here’s what she found.

Launched in 2020, Beauty Complex is the latest addition to the Revive Active supplements range.
It is formulated to support healthy hair, skin and nails; and contains 8 active ingredients including much loved skincare heavyweights – Marine Collagen which keeps skin looking plump and youthful, Hyaluronic Acid which is great for hydration, Phytoceramides which locks in moisture and fights signs of ageing and Biotin which helps with hair growth.

Beauty Complex also contains Vitamin C to help boost collagen in the body, Selenium which helps with healthy hair and nails, Copper which also helps with hair and skin pigmentation and Vitamin E to protect cells against oxidative stress. – Revive Active Beauty Complex Review

Each box comes with a 30-day supply and is pretty straightforward to use. Simply empty the contents into a glass of water and drink. It turns orange in colour when dissolved, has no added sugars and has quite a pleasant taste.

Taking Beauty Complex was a very exciting experience because I noticed changes in my skin within the first 10 days which made me want to keep taking it daily. The first change I noticed was the smoothness in my skin’s texture. It took on the kind of radiance most of us dream about and try to create with make-up products. – Revive Active Beauty Complex Review

By day 14, I had completely abandoned even the basics like wearing foundation because it was clearly not needed. I’d wake up with skin that’s firm, plump and hydrated – in a word, glowing. Like I’d just had a facial.

My nails took a little longer to catch up. They’ve always been soft and brittle but I noticed an improvement in their condition by day 20. They started to grow again and appeared to be stronger so again I decided to forego my weekly manicures that involved nail extensions so I could keep an eye on how my natural nails will progress, and I’m happy to report that they’re still growing and I’ve had no breakage. – Revive Active Beauty Complex Review

It’s difficult to judge what effect this Beauty Complex has had on my hair because my hair has always been thick and was in a protective style throughout my trial..

Overall, I’d say Revive Active Beauty Complex is incredibly effective in what it does and I believe being a powder form has something to do with it. The ingredients get absorbed almost immediately and in its most potent form.

Verdict – Revive Active Beauty Complex Review

We like Beauty Complex a lot. We were very impressed with its effectiveness and the results, especially on skin which is very noticeable from day 10. We recommend it as part of an effective anti-ageing skincare routine.

While we are fans of Revive Active Beauty Complex here, with a price point of £49 means it’s important to mention that it won’t be in everyone’s budget. Also, it has to be a long-term investment because to keep reaping the benefits, one will have to continuously take the supplement as we suspect skin and nails are likely to revert to their previous state once stopped.

Check out the entire Revive Active range here and buy Revive Active Beauty Complex here

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