Introducing… Silk’n Tightra – Silk’n Tightra review

Ever since I attended the launch of this Silk’n Tightra launch late last year; I’ve seen a lot of ads on social media offering treatments for vaginal tightening and other intimate health issues. 

Aside from the obvious financial cost – such treatments are not cheap, there’s also the added pressure of such treatments feeling uncomfortable, especially since you’ll have to go into a clinic. You don’t have such issues with Silkn’s latest intimate health gadget – the Tightra. – Silk’n Tightra review

I’m familiar with Silk’n products, their beauty gadgets in particular. They’ve always been effective and more importantly affordable, and their new Silk’n Tightra doesn’t stray from that premise.

For the promised results, it does more than tighten your vaginal walls. It tightens your pelvic floor and rids you of a loose bladder and leakage – definitely more than the results promised by vaginal rejuvenation doctors charging an arm in the leg.

To describe it briefly, the new Silk’n Tightra is the very first women’s intimate health device for home use. It works with Bi-Polar RF energy, known for its tightening and firming effect on collagen containing tissue to tighten vaginal walls, prevent mild urine leakage, and improve sexual function; with noticeable results in 4 weeks. – Silk’n Tightra review

The product was launched in collaboration with Pop Star Michelle Heaton as part of the ‘Own Your Confidence’ campaign. Michelle, who’s intimate health issues aren’t a secret, has talked about it extensively to help other women going through the same thing and suffering in silence. She entered surgical menopause at just 35 years of age as a consequence of a hysterectomy and has faced a number of challenges as a woman, which has led to a loss of confidence in the bedroom with her husband.

The Tightra is also perfect for women facing post-childbirth and hormonal changes such as menopause, including a drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls and diminished sexual pleasure due to a loss of sensation.

I’ve had several weeks to get acquainted with the Tightra, so let’s take a closer look…

Main features of the Silk’n Tightra – Silk’n Tightra review

The Tightra is shaped like a spatula, and has sixteen gold and chrome electrodes. All of the sixteen electrodes are designed for internal use, while the three chrome electrodes are for external use. – Silk’n Tightra review

It comes with a USB cable and plug for charging and a Silk’n Intimate gel to make the application of the Tightra easy and smooth, as well as a how-to-use manual – all presented in a beautiful purple case to make storage easy. – Silk’n Tightra review

The Tightra also has a number of safety mechanisms as you’d expect for an at-home gadget.

  • It has 16 built-in heat sensors that measure the temperature of the skin when in use to ensure skin temperature will never exceed 42-43°C – making sure skin doesn’t overheat.
  • It also has a Touch Sensor that ensures that the device only works when in good contact with skin. 
  • To protect the external vaginal tissue against overheating, there is the Movement Sensor, which will prevent heating when the Tightra’s tip is not moving over skin. 
  • And finally, there is an Auto Shut-Off function, which switches off the device after it has been in use for 20 minutes – Silk’n Tightra review

Why use the Tightra?

As a woman, there are many benefits to using the Silk’n Tightra; two of which I mentioned in the beginning.

  • First, it’s non-invasive, you can do the treatment at home as it’s a daily 20 min treatment over weeks compared to being prodded in a clinic and the recovery time associated with that.
  • Also, such clinic treatments cost an arm in the leg compared to the affordability of the Tightra.
  • There’s also the added benefit of getting so much more out of the Tightra. The treatment doesn’t just internally tighten and firm vaginal walls, it also tightens your pelvic floor -so no more kegel exercises.
  • And it externally improves the appearance of the labia; improving overall sexual function, resulting in increased pleasure. 

How to use the Tightra.

The Tightra is easy to use and comes with a step-by-step manual to follow. To begin;

  • Charge the Tightra using the provided charger.
  • Apply the provided Silk’n Intimate Gel to the device.
  • Insert the Tightra and watch it work. The device will go off after the recommended 20 min treatment.

I have to admit it was a bit weird trying it for the first time but you get over it, especially the warm sensation you get when the device is at work but there’s no discomfort. 

Also,  there aren’t any side effects and because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, it’s highly recommended if you’re looking to treat some intimate health issues you’re not prepared to talk about.

Getting the treatment in the comfort of your home and seeing results in just a few weeks is definitely a confident booster. – Silk’n Tightra review

Find out more about Silk’n Tightra or purchase it here

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