Slendertone Face Anti-ageing treatment.

Anti-ageing treatment for the face.


The many anti-ageing creams and treatments on the market aim to do one thing – stop sagging muscles and wrinkles in its tracks. And while I might not be a fun of extreme procedures such as Botox and full on surgery, I have no qualms about the simple, at home treatment provided by Slendertone Face.

How it works

Slendertone Face uses electrical impulses to gently stimulate and exercise facial muscles to firm and tone the face making it look younger and more radiant.
Slendertone Face is a hands-free toning device which gives the facial muscles a full work out with minimal effort by using pioneering electronic muscle stimulating technology to activate the facial nerves, setting up natural muscle movements and therefore exercising the face.

As a facial lifting device, it targets a key contributor to the ageing process – muscle wastage – which starts from the age of thirty.


As the facial muscles are directly attached to skin, when they lose mass the attached skin sags and hollows causing ageing of the face. Slendertone Face is able to restore the youthful shape of the face by toning and lifting the muscles naturally.
It also increases blood flow to the face and within two weeks you’ll see an improvement in circulation, with the flush of a healthy glow.

Recommended use for Slendertone Face is five times a week in 20 minute sessions for the first 12 weeks then twice a week for 20 minutes to maintain muscle tone and shape.

So far, the feedback on Slendertone Face as an anti-ageing treatment has been a positive one with 94% of users who took part in independent clinical trials reporting that their faces felt firmer.

Slendertone Face is a no fuss way of dealing with ageing issues so before you have surgery or pump your face full of poison, give Slendertone Face a try.

Slendertone Face as an anti-ageing treatment is available from Boots,, Harrods and Very. Visit for more information.


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