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Recipe: Chilli Butternut Slice

A simple supper idea which works equally well as a pizza topping.

Chilli, butternut and chorizo slice feature

Today’s recipe of the day is this delicious supper idea of Chilli Butternut Slice from Farrington’s. One of the main ingredients that gives flavour to this delicious supper idea is the use of Farrington’s mellow yellow chilli oil which contains Omega 3, vitamin E and has the lowest saturated fat content of any widely available culinary oil – making it the perfect choice for a healthy diet.

Supper Idea Ingredients

200g Butternut Squash (lightly cooked/roasted and cubed)
320 g sheet of Jusroll Light Puff Pastry
150g (1/2 jar) Tomato and Herb Pizza Topping (or just ½ tin of chopped tomatoes with herbs added)
150g baby plum tomatoes (sliced in half)
60g diced Chorizo
2tbs pine nuts
Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil.


  • Grease a baking tray.
  • Lay puff pastry sheet on baking tray and roll over edges.
  • Spread pizza topping across the puff pastry sheet (up to the rolled over edges)
  • Put tomatoes, diced chorizo, butternut squash and pine nuts randomly over the pizza topping.
  • Then drizzle with chilli oil and baste edges of pastry with chilli oil.
  • Cook in oven for 15-18 minutes at 2000C (fan assisted), 2200C (not fan assisted), Gas Mark 7

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