Urban Food Fest is back!

Yes, Urban Food Fest is officially back at its usual location on Shoreditch High Street between now and 21st June.

Urban Food Fest doesn’t really need an introduction as it has been around for some time and is generally known as one of the best food truck events in London.

The official launch of this year’s Urban Food Fest took place this past Saturday at the Euro Car Parks on Shoreditch High Street and it didn’t disappoint.

The night had a ‘Where’s Wally’ theme so food venders wore red and white striped tops, hats and glasses, and visitors who wore the themed costume got a free cocktail.

It was my first visit to the Urban Food Fest and I had a blast. There is just something about Shoreditch; it’s too cool for words. A stroll on the High Street is like a  tour of the global cultural scene. There were gourmet trucks serving delicious street food dishes, a dedicated beer bar and cocktail bar, desserts and a guitar player who serenaded the crowd all night long.

Urban Food Fest is very popular with good reason, the food is delicious, the atmosphere is charged and as photos indicate, it’s so crowded there’s nowhere to sit or take a photo without anyone walking into the frame or bumping into you. Those in the know had come early with friends to take up the limited seats but it really didn’t matter whether you sat or stood, you were still guaranteed to have a good time.

The Urban Food Fest street food night markets will take place every Saturday until 21st June with at least 15 food trucks each week. It’s free entry for everyone, food is priced between £4 and £7, and drinks start from £3.50. (Bottled larger: £3.50, glass of wine: £6, glass of Prosecco: 6.50, Glass of champagne: £7)

Check out the Urban Food Fest when you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Location: Euro Car Parks 162-175 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU
Time: From 5pm to Midnight, every Saturday night.

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