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We’ve all come to accept that modern life comes with some degree of stress. Whether it’s finances, workload or FOMO with social media, it comes in different forms and manifests in different ways especially on our skin.

According to Dr Qian Xu, founder and medical director at Skin Aesthetics; ‘What most of us don’t know is that skin problems can be a tell-tale sign that you are too stressed’.

Our skin is quite sensitive to stress and is one of the first organs of the body to show signs. Even a change in the seasons can have a profound impact.

For instance, as we move into spring and temperatures start to rise, our skin responds to this. It could get dry and dull in complexion. 

Also, internal stressors including overproduction of Cortisol, bad diet, lack of sleep, among other unhealthy lifestyle choices can stress the skin causing skin breakouts and acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin and dull complexion.

Of course adopting healthy lifestyle habits, meditating and reducing social media consumption will all help reduce stress and its influence on your skin but effective skincare will also help reverse some of the damage already done.

So this Stress Awareness Month, here are 12 serums that will reverse the effects of stress on your skin:


www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

For stressed induced fine lines and wrinkles, give this ground-breaking anti-aging serum by Bioeffect a try. It promises dramatic visible improvements to skin by reversing signs of ageing, while rejuvenating the skin’s complexion, tone and texture.

The serum contains the brand’s stimulating EGF, and uses only geothermal energy and pure subterranean glacial water to stimulate skin to renew and restore its natural radiance. 

Continuous use showed up to 60% improvement on skin’s thickness and 30% increase in skin density. 

Bioeffect EGF Serum is available at John Bell & Croyden.

L’OCCITANE Overnight Reset Oil in Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

If tired looking skin is a major concern then rejoice because this newly revamped L’OCCITANE Overnight Reset Oil in Serum will come to your rescue. It now has a new sap-like extract found within the immortelle plant that promises to soothe and hydrate skin to help it recover even more efficiently.

It allows skin to soothe and recover from exposure to external aggressors like pollution, sunlight, and harsh weather, among others. Overnight, it’ll help smooth fine lines and give your skin a healthy glow come morning.

76% of women who have tried it said their skin was soothed immediately after application.

Erborian Super Serums

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

Erborian has always been a beauty brand loved for making products that use ingredients steeped in Korean tradition and we’ll know how effective Korean skincare can be so say hello to four recently launched Super Serums – Red Pepper Super Serum, Ginseng Super Serum, Yuza Super Serum and Bamboo Super Serum. They’re called Super Serums because they contain 80% concentration of the main active ingredients.

They’re combined with a bonus active ingredient including Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and PHA to boost their effectiveness.

Each Super Serum has a specific function and all contain a prebiotic to help maintain the skin’s balance and preserve hydration.

Novexpert’s Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

Arguably one of the best hydration serums on the market. It’s perfect for correcting dry skin issues and related complexion problems.

Hyaluronic Acid helps skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated, plumper and firmer.

This serum effectively plumps out the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all the while improving the skin’s hydration and texture.

No7 Radiance+ 15% Vitamin C Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

With a whopping 15% Vitamin C, get ready to put uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation behind you. This fast-absorbing serum helps brighten and revive complexion while firming skin. It’s a great remedy for dull complexion. 

Jorgobe Niacinamide Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

This powerful serum combines two powerhouse ingredients in Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Hyaluronic Acid to even out skin tone, smoothen the structure of skin and reduce pigment/dark spots. One of the first things noticeable about stressed skin is dryness and then enlarged pores, the  Hyaluronic Acid in this will rebalance the skin’s moisture levels while extracts from agarikon mushrooms will tighten the skin and minimise pore. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

Stressed skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes that this powerful serum works to eliminate.

Every ingredient works to eliminate skin imperfections to leave skin happy and looking radiant.

It’s enriched with salicylic acid, LHA and glycolic acid to help unclog pores, smooth the skin surface and stimulate skin cell renewal.

It also uses Niacinamide which reinforces the skin barrier to help combat moisture loss and fight dehydration. And finally, it’s made with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water which contains a unique mineral composition with soothing properties that reduce skin irritations. 

It’s an all-round treatment for skin plagued by stress.

Decleor Paris Aromaessence Green Mandarin Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

This luxury serum not only works hard to revive stressed skin through hydration, it also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s a ‘pick me up’ that uses Citrus Essential Oils including Green Mandarine Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil to energise dull skin and get it glowing again.

Derma Institute Cellular Rejuvenating Neck & Decollete Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

This revolutionary serum combines the best of two worlds; science and nature to give a specialist beauty treatment in the comfort of your home. 

It marries DNA and stem cell technology with Eastern therapeutic herbs to deliver healthier, firmer, and more luminous skin.

This intensive formula firms and tightens the neck and décolleté using an advanced peptide complex to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles to create a contoured Y line of the neck. It also hydrates the neck and décolleté for a soft and refined touch.

Dr Irene Eris Institute Solutions Lifting Contouring Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

This is the serum you bring in when the effects of stress have taken root and serious steps need to be taken. It’s the go to anti-aging treatment with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. 

It effectively lifts up the facial contours, modelling the skin within the Y-zone (cheeks, chin and neck)

The combined action of the Lift Structure complex and the newest peptides (tripeptide, hexapeptide and polypeptide) stimulate the synthesis of collagen I, III, IV and V, strengthening the supporting fibres to visibly reduce horizontal and vertical wrinkles.

The highly active lipolytic complex contained in the serum reduces a double chin by stimulating microcirculation and auto-drainage, making the facial profile sharpened and visibly slimmer. 

It also contains Red algae extract and Centella asiatica to reduce skin laxity and embrace the skin with pleasant softness.

The Inkeylist Polyglutamic Acid

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

It may not roll easily off the tongue but Polyglutamic Acid is one of the few skincare ingredients that can hold its own against Hyaluronic Acid. This makes it a friend if your skin is dehydrated.

It will lock in moisture and help reduce the appearance of fine lines,  brighten and even skin tone while doing it. Signs of stress disappear from the first use.

Skin Academy Zero Ageless Serum

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Best skincare for stressed skin

This is a serum that does it all when it comes to combating stress in your skin induced by the sun, pollution and blue light.

It’s formulated with Red Maple Bark Extract, Rosehip Oil, Bergamot Oil and Green Tea to boost collagen that  smooth and deeply nourish the skin. It also actively targets the first signs of ageing, including dullness, dehydration and uneven skin tone. 

The result is skin that looks noticeably healthier, smoother and more radiant.

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