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Blackberry Champagne Summer Cocktail

Simple Summer Cocktail Recipe:


Champagne is the perfect Summer cocktail base as it contains less alcohol than most spirits and the resulting cocktail created has a much lower %ABV, perfect for a warm Summer’s eve.

Champagne can be replaced with many different styles of quality sparkling wines, which can be more cost effective than Champagne.


2 blackberries, quartered. Other berries, such as boysenberries or raspberries can be substituted.
50ml triple sec or Cointreau
1 sugar cube
Angostura bitters as needed
100ml of chilled Champagne, Prosecco or other dry sparkling white wine


  • In a small non-reactive bowl, combine the blackberries and triple sec and let it stand for about 15 minutes to let the fruit macerate.
  • Place 1 sugar cube in each Champagne flute and add 1 or 2 drops of bitters to each.
  • Spoon 4 pieces of marinated blackberry into each flute.
  • Top with Champagne and serve immediately.

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