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The Cake & Bake Show 2014

The Cake & Bake Show rolled back into town earlier this month(3-5 October) to the delight of baking fans everywhere. I didn’t think it was possible but the show was even bigger this year. Headline sponsor, Nielsen – Massey created a Flavour Emporium to give inspiration and new flavour ideas.

Former winners of the Great British Bake Off also graced the competition theatre to take part in fun bake offs with the audience. The Cake Boss stand also hosted famed cake maker Juliet Sear who thrilled the audience with live demonstrations and many more baking classes at the baking theatre.

There was also the sugarcraft competition which for some reason took a darker turn this year and my favourite part of going to the The Cake & Bake Show, tasting baked goods from vendors and discovering new products. My discovery this year was a portuguese jam company with amazing flavours in jam. Think watermelon, apricots, and prunes to mention a few; they were exquisite!

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