Chocolate Week, London 2014

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Last month was London Chocolate Week (Oct 13-19 2014), there were hundreds of events around the country to celebrate; including talks, tastings, and demonstrations.

The week culminated with the Chocolate Show London at Olympia West (17th to 19th October), bringing the best of the industry together under one roof.

My favourite part was the chocolate catwalk show (Salon du Chocolat) which took place every day of the show.

The entire show wasn’t bad either with Chocolate Theatre hosting stars like Michelin-starred Atul Kochhar, Great British Bake Off champions Edd Kimber and John Whaite and chocolatiers Paul Young and Will Torrent, who showcased the diversity of chocolate in a series of live demos.

Other highlights included a behind the scenes exhibition from the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory musical, visits from the cast and a performance by Willy Wonka himself on the gala evening.

It was a magical weekend and I can’t wait for next year. Here are the highlights including images from the catwalk show.

Anita Thakker for Fruitful Blooms Chocolatiers Andy Blas, Cafe Royal & Alexandra Harper millinery 2 Andy Blas, Cafe Royal _ Alexenadra Harper millinery Aneesh Popat, The Chocolatier Body painted male dancer 2 Body painted male dancer CS14_fashion-31 CS14_fashion-43 copy Anita Thakker, Fruitful Blooms glitter Body painted dancers 2 Body painted dancers Quentin Gianora _ Lucie Bennett rs Willy Wonka from Charlie & Choc Factory Lindt _ Caroline McCall 2 Lindt _ Caroline McCall Mark Tilling & Sue Hodges, Squires Kitchen 2 Mark Tilling & Sue Hodges, Squires Kitchen IMG_20141016_203109 IMG_20141016_203117 IMG_20141016_203157 IMG_20141016_203333 IMG_20141016_203344 IMG_20141016_203407 IMG_20141016_203441 IMG_20141016_203602 IMG_20141016_203742 IMG_20141016_203720 IMG_20141016_203729 IMG_20141016_203943 IMG_20141016_204048 IMG_20141016_204104 IMG_20141016_204113 IMG_20141016_204030 IMG_20141016_204038 IMG_20141016_204138 IMG_20141016_204144 IMG_20141016_204200 IMG_20141016_204256 IMG_20141016_204412



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