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Sun protection sunglasses

Sun protection sunglasses guide  [cincopa A8CAGJrAo-2n] When it comes to sun protection, the eyes are just as important as the skin. Long term exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer to affect the eyelids and area around the eyes as well as increase the risk of a type of cataract and pterygia (a growth on the surface of the …

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Sun Awareness Week: Top sun protection tips

Sun Protection Advice [cincopa AYLAULrloOQb] May 6 – May 12 is Sun Awareness Week. To commemorate, the British Association of Dermatologist have launched the Be Sun Aware Mole & Sun Advice Roadshow to educate and advice the general public on sun safety, cancer and sun protection. Be Sun Aware Mole & Sun Advice Roadshow aims to encourage people to pay …

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Best Sun protection products

Sun protection products for sun safety The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes so it is important to put on sunscreen before you go outside, even on slightly cloudy or cool days. Skin cancer as the fastest growing and number one form of cancer in the UK so using the right sun protection …

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Healthy Summer hydration tips

Summer hydration tips for health & Safety At this time of year, when it’s warm outside the importance of hydration comes to the forefront of the mind. Staying hydrated is an important key to staying healthy and energized but a recent survey stats generated from a study of 1,400 UK residents showed that 75% of us are in a constant …

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Vitality Show 2013

The year’s biggest health, beauty and fitness show is back in town. From spa sessions and beauty makeovers to health and fitness tips, the ultimate feel-good event – the Vitality Show is here again. As the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness, healthy-eating and wellbeing event for women, prepare to bond with your girlfriends over the latest trends in all things …

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