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Cocktail Recipes: POM Pimms

How to make a summer cocktail with a Pomegranate twist


Summer is here but sunshine’s a little scarce so how about putting a little sunshine into your day with this delicious POM Pimms cocktail recipe? Easy to make and delightful to drink, this cocktail will make the recent bad weather a distant memory.

POM Pimms Cocktail Ingredients:

150ml POM Wonderful Pomegranate Blueberry 100% Juice
150ml Pimms
Handful of mint
8 Cucumber Slices
4 Lemon Wedges
Handful of pomegranate arils
Lemonade to top

Glassware: Pitcher or Jug

Cocktail Instructions

  • Chop off the top of the strawberries and slice in half
  • Add the pomegranate juice, Pimms, strawberries, mint, cucumber slices, lemon wedges and pomegranate arils to the pitcher
  • Add ice and top with lemonade
  • Stir with a long spoon

POM Pimms Cocktail Recipe How To:


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