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We might be missing some spring sunshine at the moment but we all live in hope of its return soon; after all, there’s no better time to have shiny bouncy curls than in lovely Spring sunshine.

Whether you have natural curls or not, you can get the perfect curls in five simple steps with these five amazing products.

5 simple steps to perfect curls


Naked Bounce Curl Defining Shampoo - £4.07
Naked Bounce Curl Defining Shampoo – £4.07

Always begin any hairstyle by washing your hair. Natural curls or not, a quick wash with a gentle and natural shampoo like Naked curl defining shampoo gives you the perfect start. It is also free from sulphates, gentle on sensitive scalp and for all hair types.


Naked Bounce Curl Defining Conditioner - £4.07
Naked Bounce Curl Defining Conditioner – £4.07

Conditioning hair after wash is an essential step; it gives hair the essential nutrients it needs as well as makes it manageable. If you have extra thick, curly or uncontrollable Afro hair, give Naked curl defining conditioner with kelp and avocado a try, it softens hair almost immediately to make it manageable.


Michel Mercier Professional Detangling Brush - £14.95
Michel Mercier Professional Detangling Brush – £14.95

Once you’ve conditioned your hair, detangling becomes very easy. People with naturally curls or afro hair should consider the Michel Mercier professional detangling brush which is gentle, detangles quickly and due to the varying bristles reduces hair loss and breakage.


Organic Colour System Volume - £11.95
Organic Colour System Volume – £11.95

To create more volume and fullness or in the case of people with natural curls, to control it, apply a Volume Mousse like Organic Colour System Volume which is formulated from natural ingredients to give hair great hold, body and shine, while protecting it against fizz. Apply to damp hair and leave to dry naturally for beautiful waves.

Curling Wand

Yogi Curling Wand - £64.95
Yogi Curling Wand – £64.95

If you don’t have natural curls then this is where you blow dry the hair and get to work with a curling wand. To create tight tined curls or big bouncy waves, consider using a curling wand from the Yogi range which gives you variety.


-For loose waves, use the YOGI Fat Barrel Wand (holding it as close as possible to the roots and using the full length of the wand). Take medium sections of hair and wrap around the YOGI Fat Barrel Wand, repeat with remaining sections of hair. When the hair has cooled simply run your fingers through and you will be left with gorgeous loose waves!

-For bouncy curls, take a small section of the hair (for a tighter curl). Holding the end of the sectioned hair, place the Original YOGI Hair Wand close to the root and wrap around the wand. Repeat with remaining sections of hair and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

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