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Comic Con London 2014

The recent Bank holiday weekend may not have been the best weather wise but the sun was up long enough on Sunday for me to attend MCM’s Comic Con held at London Excel. My super girl customer may have been held hostage by my local dry cleaner but it didn’t in any capacity dampen my fun.

Most of us may not spend hours online playing World of Warcraft but I have come to learn there’s a geek in all of us. Mine is rooted in my love of classic super heroes (superman, super girl, captain America) and TV characters like Hercules, Xena, among others.

My point is there was something for everyone at Comic Con no matter what tickles your fancy. New films coming out, new video games, I even go to try the soon to be released Mario Kart 8. I haven’t played Mario since I was 12, it was strangely nostalgic and brought back many happy childhood memories.

It was a fantastic day of meeting and taking photos with favourite characters, panel talks on new games and films coming out and trying out gadgets. If you missed Comic Con London, you can catch it this July (19-20) in Manchester or in Scotland in September. Now, let’s play spot the character:)

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