Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer – Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer

I like a good kitchen gadget especially one that is multi-functional. I wanted this Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer the moment I saw it but it was a close call between it and a blender that not only sautéed vegetables but made smoothies, ice cream and jam. I ultimately chose this grill because I eat way more meat than I do ice cream or jam, and it was a great choice because we’ve been inseparable ever since I got it. – Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer

I’m a big meat eater and I’m not into prep so I needed something that cooked food fast with little or no fuss and this Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer gives me that. Whether fresh or frozen, meat cooks quicker, there’s no smoke (thank God) and the flavour is not compromised. I’ve so far grilled succulent burgers and chicken, that are chargrilled on the outside and moist on the inside; and dehydrated beef to make beef jerky and biltong. If you love meat dishes, you’ll love this Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer. – Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer


As I mentioned earlier, I love multi-functional kitchen gadgets. What’s the point of having a big and heavy, space consuming gadget if it does just the one thing? This Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer, grills and air fries, but it also bakes, dehydrates and roasts. – Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer

Ninja Kitchen Health Grill and Air Fryer uses Cyclonic Air Technology and temperatures up to 265°C so there’s no need to turn food when cooking. It is powerful enough to cook through evenly. It also Air Fry low-fat versions of your fried favourites with little or no added oil.

What’s in the Box

  • Main Unit
  • 1 x Ceramic-Coated Grill Plate
  • 1 x Ceramic-Coated Crisper Basket
  • 1 x Ceramic-Coated Cooking Pot
  • 1 x Splatter Guard
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush with Scraper

This Health Grill and Air Fryer comes with a 4-quart crisper basket and grill grate for a char-grilled effect; a temperature-control feature, splatter shield, and cool-air zone to reduce smoke in the kitchen. The digital control panel also makes it easy to select which cooking function you’d like to use and adjust time and temperature.

What’s more, each tool comes with a cleaning brush, a 20-recipe cookbook, and a one-year VIP warranty with a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Health Grill and Air Fryer is available at Argos; and if you’re looking to make healthier options of your favourite foods, it may be the one for you.

Check out the Health Grill and Air Fryer in action on my IGTV and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get the latest launches.

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