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Peach & Passion Fruit Mousse

Peach & Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe:


Recipe of the day is this elegant peach & passion fruit mousse. It’s light and refreshing, perfect to end a special meal or a treat to cap off a hard week. This delicious peach recipe serves 4.

Preparation time: 1 hour + overnight to set


3 sheets gelatine
4tsbp boiling water
450g Rachel’s Fat Free Peach & Passion Fruit Yoghurt
1 juice of lemon
200g whipping cream
4 ripe peaches, skinned and sliced or 420g can of tinned peaches, pureeéd


  • Begin by breaking the gelatine into a bowl, add the boiling water and mix. Leave to completely dissolve
  • Add the yoghurt and lemon juice to the warm gelatine and mix thoroughly. Pour into a container or cover and leave to set in the refrigerator overnight.
  • To make the mousse whip the set yoghurt with the cream using an electric whisk, until soft peaks are formed and the mixture is glossy without lumps.
  • Layer the mousse into serving glasses alternating with the peach puree.
  • Return the layered mousses to the fridge to chill for approximately 40 minutes to allow the mousse to set and the bubbles to form.

Tips: Always add cold liquids to warm gelatine to ensure good setting properties.

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